At Acquire BPO, we help brands across all industry verticals create safe online

communities for their end-users via expert human agents and powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

People are spending more time online than ever before, consuming and generating content at breakneck speed. At Acquire, we understand the importance of moderating content to curate a safe and positive online environment for your customers. Our content moderation apporach combines highly skilled human agents with intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to screen text, images, video and audio to determine whether they are offensive, violent, sexual or illegal. From social media channels to online gaming platforms, our comprehensive content moderation outsourcing solutions protect your brand’s digital presence and drive customer loyalty.

What we do


Social media moderation

Real-time monitoring and filtering of User-Generated Content (UGC) across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Online gaming moderation

Rules-based enforcement of content and community engagement guidelines across forums, chat rooms and gaming platforms.

Automated moderation

Efficient, 24/7 filtering of offensive words, phrases, images or videos across all digital platforms using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Speech Analytics.

 Build your content moderation team today

    Outsource with confidence

    Skilled moderators

    Experty trained content moderators with an encyclopedic understanding of content guidelines to protect your brand reputation and credibility.

    Intuitive automation

    ‘Always on’ bots to augment your content moderation strategy, designed and continuously tuned with machine-learning and analytics—at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing.

    Customer centric

    Our business is built on exceeding our clients’ expectations. We collaborate to build tailored content moderation solutions and get it right.

    Right size fit

    Transparent partnership engagement that adapts and scales as clients’ business requirements evolve.

    1st class security & tech

    Redundant infrastructure; onshore data storage in highly secure and stable locations; industry-leading integrated and innovative web applications.

    Sustainable scalability

    Ability to rapidly scale content moderation campaigns based on seasonal demands and product launches, with a pool of experienced full-time and/or casual staff.

    Moderating content with a human + bot approach

    Learn how Acquire BPO effectively scaled a global, multi-language content moderation solution for a major entertainment and gaming client—supporting their mission to create a platform of safety and civility for its userbase.

    Let’s talk about content moderation