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Flexible solutions to keep your contact centre or back-office operations up and running remotely with Acquire@Home.
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At Acquire BPO, we understand the importance of business continuity. Our Acquire@Home engagement model enables you to respond rapidly to market demands or unexpected events such as the global COVID-19 crisis, which has shifted most people from a traditional office environment to a home-based arrangement.

With Acquire@Home, your campaign will leverage the same rigorous operational standards, redundant network connectivity and continuous improvement initiatives that you’d find in any of our delivery centres—all from the safety and security of our employees’ homes so your business never misses a step.

  • People – Talented, disciplined, high-performing staff proficient in working independently and supported by an operations management team.
  • Technology – An SOE will be defined during onboarding. PCs will be connected to our Active Directory domain, providing a granular level of security control over software installation, connection of media devices and storage of information.
  • Support – Access to shared services teams such as Learning & Development, QA, HR, experienced in supporting Work from Home staff via proven communication channels.

Outsource with confidence

Flexible engagement

Scale up or ramp down with resources you need to stay efficient. A dedicated and bespoke WFH-based team can be quickly deployed, regardless of geography.

Proficient support systems

Experienced Recruitment, Learning & Development, IT teams utilise proven methodologies and processes to attract, train and equip the right team.

Security & compliance

Business systems will be delivered within a VDI environment, with aggregation capabilities and multi-factor authentication. We can also provide PCI credit card de-scoping technology.

Deploy the best resources anytime, anywhere with Acquire@Home

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