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Acquire BPO Launches Acquire.AI: Revolutionising Business with Artificial Intelligence

by | Jul 9, 2024

Acquire BPO, a global leader in customer experience and business process outsourcing, has launched its latest venture, Acquire.AI. This innovative division is designed to assist businesses in navigating the complexities of artificial intelligence, offering tailored solutions to enhance efficiency, drive growth, and elevate customer experiences.

Navigating AI Complexity with Acquire.AI

Acquire.AI addresses the challenges businesses encounter when embarking on their AI journey by providing comprehensive consulting services. Utilising a strategic framework, the service optimises processes, enhances productivity, and fosters growth through cutting-edge technology.

Tailored Solutions for Maximum Impact

A distinctive aspect of Acquire.AI is its vendor-agnostic approach, ensuring that solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of each client. With extensive experience across diverse industries such as finance, healthcare, logistics, and energy, Acquire.AI delivers tangible business benefits.

Empowering Businesses Globally

“We’re thrilled to introduce Acquire.AI, empowering businesses at any stage of their AI adoption,” said Scott Stavretis, CEO of Acquire BPO. “This aligns with our vision of innovation, enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge through AI.”

Acquire.AI has already partnered with some of the world’s largest companies, including global health insurance and energy providers. The service supports the entire AI journey, from initial assessment and planning to seamless implementation and ongoing operations, ensuring a robust return on investment (ROI).

Looking Towards the Future

This launch represents a significant milestone for Acquire, underscoring its commitment to delivering secure, adaptable, and forward-thinking AI solutions. With plans to expand its workforce to 100,000 employees by 2035, the company has recently established its U.S. headquarters in Irving, TX, and made strategic investments in Brand Ninja, an innovative autopilot tool for marketing and social media content.

To discover more about how Acquire.AI can empower your business with AI-driven solutions, visit Acquire.AI.

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