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by | Oct 19, 2018

Multiple contact channels, shifting customer behavior and rising expectations are changing how customers engage with businesses and impacting on the customer journey. For example, social channels aren’t just about spreading brand awareness and engagement—it’s for customer service as well. There’s rising support for live chat, messaging and self-service even though voice remains the top channel.

To meet them at the right channels and keep them onboard, businesses must personalize interactions—applying the speed and precision of automated processes with a live agent when needed. These tailored interactions are essential because:

1. Customers want you to listen and remember their pain points.
Customers dislike repeating personal data and their issue/query multiple times and more than 75% of customers expect customer service representatives to have visibility to previous transactions and purchases. Plus, 9 out of 10 consumers value business that makes an effort to learn from their account history and current activities.

2. Personalization is key to earning the loyalty of the hyper-connected customer.
Customer loyalty is elusive with hyper-connected consumers and personalized care is a major influencing factor in who earns customer loyalty whether its B2C or B2B.

3. Combining automation and AI with skilled live agents enables efficient and productive personalized care.
Quicker issue resolution due to personalized, automated solutions frees up time and even opens the customer to upselling opportunities tailored to the their purchasing history and other behaviors.

4. Smarter, data-driven personalized services can boost the bottomline.
Companies stand to earn more by deploying intelligent, data-driven digital strategies into personalized CX—upto $2.95 trillion in value according to Accenture.

To hurdle sky-high customer expectations, join and learn from our interactive roundtable session on “Personalizing Customer Care” on October 22 (1:45 PM) at the 14th Annual Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact West MindXchange event from October 21 to 24 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

We’ll explore how you can benefit from the right blend of expert live agents, automated processes and AI to create personalized customer care.


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