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  • Delivering superior CX with a bilingual offshore team

    Learn how Acquire’s expertise in providing seamless support across voice, email and chat channels has helped a well-established direct selling company take exceptional care of its customers.

  • Partner with an experienced multi-industry provider

    At Acquire, we’re the trusted partner of global organisations across multiple industries to deliver data-rich, intelligent contact centre and back-office functions.

  • Full support for seamless online retail experiences

    Provide a frictionless online retail experience with our full range of back-office, customer and sales support. We provide scalable operations that can match business growth.

  • Hassle-free health insurance processing

    Enable hassle-free customer service with quicker claims and requests processing using our secure offshore services that combine top-tier technology and expert insurance professionals.

  • Enhance direct sales with back-office, sales support

    Drive up sales with after-hours customer service, sales ordering and back office operations that help improve productivity and retention—keeping distributors and customers happy.

  • Secure, industry-compliant financial services

    Leverage on our PCI-DSS certified and industry regulations compliant offshore services to improve operations, customer experience and even keep track of your bottomline—all while keeping costs down without compromising security, quality and speed.

  • Integrate automation and achieve fast ROI

    At Acquire BPO, we’ll work with you to map out your customers’ needs, provide the tools to automate and optimise self-service and workflows—combining technology with the right human touch to deliver successful outcomes

  • Elevate offshoring with the best technology

    The right technology plays a crucial role in delivering better customer experiences and better business results for our customers. Learn more about our technology offerings.

  • Offshoring at a glance

    Learn about the benefits of offshore outsourcing with Acquire and get an overview of our solutions in this brochure.

  • Acquire the offshore advantage

    Our comprehensive introduction to Acquire BPO. Get an in-depth look at our history, services, methodology, locations and technology.