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Network Office Map Image

Acquire proudly provides all of our clients with ‘best-in-class’ technology and infrastructure solutions. We have a stable network that operates with a highly resilient configuration and a technology layer that delivers critical business functionality to our contact centres. This is maintained by IT and network professionals that are employed in-house, assuring even the most complicated network or IT issues are resolved swiftly.

Our technology and network solutions are built around the following characteristics:

  • Acquire has carrier-grade dedicated International Private Lines (IPLs) in our facilities, providing ‘local call’ clarity and continuity for all connections, from anywhere around the globe.
  • Our network is designed with a triangular set-up, utilising diverse paths for geographical redundancy and employing multiple Tier One carriers worldwide to mitigate risks of carrier-level outages.
  • Business communication is delivered using our Genesys omni-channel and Segue contact centre platforms distributed in each of our data centres throughout the world to ensure you never miss a call.
  • Our highly skilled professional services team can integrate our technology directly into our clients’ CRM and ERP systems to ensure seamless integration and automation.