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Acquire BPO to invest $10 million in PHL operations

by | Jan 21, 2016

Acquire is set to pour $10M into a new site in Metro Manila and other metropolises, and adding 600 new seats to its existing 7,000. Acquire CEO Scott Stavretis said that the company has doubled its growth since 2013, reaching $150M in 2015.

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Acquire BPO to invest $10 million in PHL operations
By Catherine N. Pillas

GLOBAL business-outsourcing firm Acquire BPO Philippines is looking to invest $10 million to expand its local operations this year, a move that will also spell 600 new hires for the Australian outsourcing company.

In an interview with the financial reporters on Thursday, Acquire CEO Scott Stavretis said the amount will be poured in to support a new site and for 600 new seats to be added to its existing 7,000.  Stavretis said the company is looking at both Metro Manila and other metropolises in the country, such as Davao and Cebu, but the choice would depend on the infrastructure endowment, as well as the supply of talent in the area.

By revenue and by employee count, Acquire BPO has doubled its growth in the past two years, and reached the $150-million mark in 2015.  Growth target for the current year, however, was not disclosed.

In terms of acquiring new companies, the company CEO said that further decisions will be made on businesses that will complement its core competencies.

“There has to be strategic reasons to it. It needs to be complementary to what we’re doing and adds value to our other business,” Stavretis said.

He said Acquire BPO Philippines is now in serious talks with three companies for acquisition. These businesses are in the BPO space and servicing the US and Australian markets.  It acquired SHORE Solutions, a Philippine BPO, and Animation1, a leading animation-service provider, in 2014. Acquire BPO is the largest Australian outsourcer to the Philippines, offering contact center, BPO, information technology and professional services, animation and marketing services.

It currently operates nine delivery centers in the Philippines.

Acquire BPO Philippines accounts for 90 percent of the firm’s operations but has presence in Australia, the US, and most recent, the Dominican Republic.

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