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Acquire BPO aims to expand to 10,000 employees in the Philippines

by | Jan 22, 2016

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Acquire BPO aims to expand to 10,000 employees in the Philippines

Jose Bimbo F. Santos, · Friday, January 22, 2016 · 3:32 pm

MANILA, Philippines — Australian business process outsourcing company Acquire aims to add three thousand employees to its current operation in the Philippines in the near term.

Acquire Chief Executive Scott Stavretis said in an interview that from a present 7,000 workforce, he is aiming to expand to 10,000. Stavretis said such expansion may entail adding 3 more sites to their current nine in the Philippines.

“We have new locations that we are currently scouting. Last November, I was looking at different locations both here in Metro Manila as well as in other locations like Cebu,” Stavretis said.

Stavretis said that for the local BPO industry to grow, he is hoping to see more workers with language premiums such as in Spanish and European languages.

“The biggest challenge that we face is other languages, more so than different skills sets. English has always been the ideal solution, but in the European and Spanish market, that’s where the Philippines is going to have the most challenge rather than in new skill sets,” Stavretis said. “It’s a barrier. If the Philippines really wants to be the headquarters for ASEAN integration and to be the number one destination, and move the BPO into a single presence, then language is certainly going to be an issue

Stavretis said he is trying to lobby the Commission on Higher Education to have added language courses in different schools.

Acquire gobbled up Philippine BPO company SHORE Solutions in November, 2014, adding 2,500 employees to its operations. Stavretis said they successfully integrated Shore to their operations during the first half of 2015. Most of the company’s clients are currently in telco, consumer retail, and finance.

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