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3 cost-effective ways to elevate your direct selling

by | Jun 14, 2018

Today’s customers demand more. They want instant, consistent answers to their enquiries across all platforms and tend to grow impatient even with the slightest delay.

To help ensure smooth customer interactions, direct sellers should focus on growing relationships to further industry growth over the past four years as reported by Direct Selling Australia (DSA). Since direct selling can now literally occur anywhere with an average of nine sales happening every minute—it’s essential to take the time to recognise customers’ needs instead of going after sales right at the onset.

This means direct sellers need cost-effective support services—which can be delivered quickly via outsourcing as a reliable strategy towards capturing market share. Curious about how offshoring and business process automation can help you? Here are 3 quick ways to help you level up:

    1. 1. Provide your sales force and customers with 1:1 interactions
      With the increased frequency of direct sales, it’s essential to have ready support for marketing and sales. Establish 1:1 support with skilled offshore talent to improve service levels, activity, productivity and retention.
    1. 2. Enable quick, smooth inquiry handling
      It helps to understand what you’re selling and the same goes for purchasing. Improve customer enquiry by automating your enquiry processes or even get your own chatbots to engage customers round-the-clock.
  1. 3. Utilise data and records to nurture sales activities
    Update and use your customer pool to keep them informed of the latest opportunities. A skilled back-office team offshore can help maintain your customer database and even help create and deliver email newsletters with product updates and events. Drop by Direct Selling Australia’s (DSA) Conference on 17-19 June at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney to learn more about how you can leverage skilled offshore talent and automation to improve your selling business.

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